The projet, "Blank Pages" or "Pages Blanches"

This project is based on a score that leads to the meeting and the improvisation of musicians, video artists and programmers (Max/MSP, Puredata).

The "Blank pages" score, describes the situation in 4 points: 1- Each participant has to use one of the two programming language written by Miller Puckette, Pure Data or Max/MSP. 2- The session length is fixed to 60 min. 3- Participants need to start a session with an empty programming page. 4- It is strictly forbidden to load or recall any program during the session.

Each participant has a computer and one of the mentioned applications, and elaborates a program that will make sound and/or video. Max/MSP and Pure Data programming languages permit to write and modify applications in a live situation, while continuing to work on the application itself, therefore one can code and immediately listen to this code result. There are no links between the computers, the participants have to listen and watch the others in order to play together. With the score and the four instructions, the listening is stimulated, and the quality of the audio-visual production becomes everyone's responsibility.

Tips :
The sound and video diffusion is not defined, but you can find some ideas in the technical section to help on the organization of "Blank Pages" sessions. Don't sell any "Blank Pages" recordings, we also advise you not to make any. Participants can use their computer audio input and some external controllers but without giving them too much importance. Participants can't prepare a session in advance, and the organizers shouldn't repeat too often a situation with the same participants (not more than once a month).
Miller Blank - Translation by Yvan Volochine